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FOX News
Dec 19, 2011 3:00am PST
, in 2007, it was discovered that the north koreaens had sold nuclear weapon technology to syria and syria had been building a facility and the israelis blew that one up. so when he talked about the axis of evil, there was a connection to these types of rogue regimes that have access to the technology that would threaten freedom everywhere. the south koreans and the chinese in particular today are probably very concerned and need to mobilize their plans because the waves of immigrants coming across the border could create a humanitarian situation of the life of which we haven't seen in asia for a long time and it's winter so food shortages. kim jong il used food as a weapon against his people, would starve people to death. >> absolutely. >> not a nice man. >> no. >> the other issue is -- is when we see these people crying in the streets, you know, your heart goes out to them because you have to imagine that they don't really know what's going on in the rest of the world. i guess my hope is that the younger generation have some inkling but wouldn't you think from being inside the white hous
FOX News
Dec 26, 2011 3:00am PST
into a full scale rebellion supported by nato. qaddafi captured and later killed. in syria, an uprising erupts against the president despite increasing international pressure, the government's bloody crackdowns continue. >> the eyes of the world on westminster abbey as an estimated 3 billion people watch the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton. in what may be the biggest news story of the year. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed usama bin laden. the leader of al-qaida. >> u.s. navy seals shoot and kill the terror leader in his compound in pakistan. >> the managing director of the international monetary fund arrested in new york city for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel maid. charges against dominick strauss-khan are later dropped citing a credibility issue with the accuser. at large for 15 years, the former bosnian serb general responsible for the massacre of thousands of muslims is arrested. a deadly e-coli outbreak in europe linked to german sprouts killing about 45. after more than 50 years of struggle, the republic of south sudan declares it
FOX News
Dec 23, 2011 3:00am PST
're going to do some headlines real quick and talk to geraldo. new video just in to fox news, from syria, where at least 30 people are dead, more than 100 injured after two bombs exploded at syrian security services bases in damascus. several soldiers are among the dead. no one has taken responsibility for these attack, but they are believed to be in retaliation for the government's crackdown on antigovernment protesters. >>> you're look for a white christmas? you may get your wish, people. nearly half of the country is getting slammed right now with snow or ice at this hour. so let's check out some video from boulder, colorado. this is brand-new video. people seeing up to 30 inches of snow. >> steve: let's ski. >> juliet: led head out to new mexico where folks there are seeing lots of -- look at that lousy weather. intense winds on top of that. you can bet the winter weather is wreaking havoc on holiday travel. i can't wait to find out how many flights are delayed in the new york area. but 100 flights were disrupted at the international airport there in denver yesterday. today you can e
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)